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Supplementality LLC is an Arizona-based company dedicated to providing customers a wide range of first-class health and lifestyle products and supplements at highly competitive prices. Our focus is to provide great products and total customer satisfaction. If you feel that we have not met those goals, please contact us.

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Supplementality LLC
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Why We're Here:

It was early May of 2006 - a few days before our daughter's third birthday and our seventh wedding anniversary - when my wife came home one night and notified me that she wanted a divorce. We shared a bottle of wine, argued a little as usual, and that was it. Papers were filed and the divorce was finalized on September 11th, 2006.

Three years prior we had been separated for about four months. The anxiety was too much for me. I ran to my doctor, who decided to put me on Xanax instead of Prozac. I didn't get all the way through the first bottle before I realized that narcotics - prescription or otherwise - were not for me. Besides the constant hang-over and complete lack of reasoning skills, I got to the point that I couldn't give the police directions to the house that I was renting. They thought it best to put me in jail instead of letting me wander the streets.

This time, I thought, I'm three years wiser and I'm not going down that dark alley again. So in my new-found wisdom and intelligence I let myself drift into self-medicating with alcohol. We separated in May, and I got my DUI shortly before the Fourth of July holiday. Totaled a Land Rover, ruined a perfect driving record and completed the alienation of my wife in one fateful night swigging vodka sodas and listening to my best friend try to convince me how great single life would be. After the $30,000.00 and who knows how many hours of time spent sorting that mess out, I realized that I needed to find the right way to deal with the very real pressures that I was feeling. Ironically, the solution came from my wife's sister, who was a doctor trained in both typical Western medicine and the more holistic, naturalistic Osteopathic approach.

I contacted her for some help and she pointed me towards a variety of herbal supplements to try. The several different herbs were intended to address all the various physical problems I felt: No sleep, no energy, shallow breathing, constant racing thoughts, high blood pressure, upset stomach...the list was long. The results were, to me at the time, unbelievable.

I'd never really tried herbal supplements except Melatonin for my frequent overseas trips. I was an unqualified believer within a week. I started sleeping again, got enough energy back to start exercising, and managed to get on the other side of my anxious, racing thoughts to the point where I could return to some active participation in my business. Herbal supplements didn't save my business (sadly), but they probably saved my life in at least some philosophical sense. I really didn't care if I lived or died, and getting the various stress-related physical problems under control allowed me to get my mental state back to where it needed to be.

Now it is a few years since our divorce. I own two businesses, have a beautiful daughter with whom I am proud to say I have a great relationship, an amazing girlfriend, brilliant business partners and an outlook on life that even a high school senior on the morning after prom would envy. You could say that I adopted a supplementality - I think right, live right and try to do right - everyday. I've been fascinated by, and learning about, herbs and their effect on the body, ever since.

Herbal supplements are effective and natural. Like anything you put into your body, knowledgeable choices and moderation are the keys to safely maximizing their effectivity. If you are taking prescription medications, it is a good idea to check with your doctor or pharmacist before you take any herbs.  If you're pregnant, do not take any herbs until you have discussed them with your doctor.
Today I'm remarried and the proud father of not only a beautiful daughter but also two fantastic boys who contribute significantly to the decibel-level in the house.  My wife is my partner, friend and rock.
I still supplement, but my regimine is very different than it was:
Fiber:  I believe that fiber is probably the single most important supplement in my regimen.  I keep both capsule-form and drink-form on hand.  It is not delicious by any means, but a fiber drink in the morning is profoundly beneficial for normal functioning the rest of the day.  While I'm traveling, I generally wind up taking the capsules instead of the drink.  Even in that form it is invaluable, but I do observe the drink form being somewhat more effective. 
Fish oil and flax seed or some sort of EFA supplement:  I think our Omega 369 product is the killer EFA product.  Fish oil does not contain all of the essential fatty acids.
Hawthorn:  My blood pressure is a bit high if I don't exercise regularly.  Hawthorn seems to help keep it in a fairly constant range.
I take/drink my fiber first thing in the morning.  I take the EFA and Hawthorn together at breakfast - usually an hour or so later.
Multi-vitamin:  I travel all the time and it is hard to consistently eat well.  I suggest taking a multi-vitamin by itself...no other pills or supplements. 
Take a multi with your biggest meal of the day, which is typically lunch for me.  The B vitamins in our multi are useful for getting me through sleepy afternoons, too.
Antioxidant complex:  I take this at night with a bit of cheese or glass of milk to help the natural process of antioxidation and to increase bioavailability of the fat/oil-based components in the formula.  Antioxidation is a component of the circadian rhythm and is more active while you sleep.
I share my story because I'm not so different than anyone else - peaks and valleys in life, changing circumstances, and lots of good intentions that are often hard to consistently execute on.  Supplements, and a supplementality, have helped me in ways I'm sure I still don't fully realize.  Think right, live right, do right - everyday.